By marchev, 2020-02-11

Short description:

MC Уъфcho is leading his band of Vinkel boyz down in the mine to capture the treasure of the Steel City (A.K.A. Chugun chest) and get back out alive. They have to navigate the complex labyrinth of treacherous up- and down- tunnels. Unfortunatelly The Blues players are trying to beat them to it, but this time the Blues are mind controlled by the Devil himself (who is also proficient in Markov Chains calculations).


alt text


Task 3 build


Mouse point and click.

Software & version:

Unity 2019.1.0b3


Story/Game Play: Petar Nikolov, Angel Marchev

Game Development: Stefan Doychev

3D Art: Nikoleta Zhecheva

AI implementation: Petar Nikolov

Audio: Dimitar Atanassov, Stefan Doychev

AI notes:

The game encapacitates three inovative techniques:

Diversifiers used:

Gimme an interview, please – Incorporate a local legend / funny story in the game you create.

Gandy – The game must have zero violence in its gameplay. Conflicts must have resolutions based on logic

Back to 1823 – The game you create has an atmosphere from the XIX century.

Open API – Implement the use of data from a public API in your game.

Open it – The game only uses materials found in the public domain.

Tech salad – Your game features a mix of at least 3 trendy technologies altogether (quantum, AR, AI, etc.)