By marchev, 2020-02-11

Short description:

The inerplanetary enemies re-spawn wave after wave and the lone protector has to fire at them back, or at least ram them away.


alt text


Task 1 build


?, ?, Space.

Software & version:

Unity 2019.1.0b3


Story/Gameplay: Stefan Doychev

2D Art: Plamen Petroff, Mihaela Komitova

Animation / Effects: Anton Slavov

Game Development: Stefan Doychev, Anton Slavov

Audio: Dimitar Atanassov

AI notes:

Very simple behavior tree

Diversifiers used:

Not the bees – The mechanic is based on swarm tactics.

8-bit colours only – You are only allowed to choose and work with 8-bit colours for all your game assets.