Kamioncheto Sakri

By marchev, 2020-02-11

Short description:

The driver in the truck has one very important task – to get the shipment from point A to point B unharmed and as fast as possible. The load is test tubes full of life saving vaccine. The road he drives on is full of obstacles and he has to overcome them. If he doesn’t make it on time people will die. Every time when the truck falls into a hall, hit a stone or an animal the truck gets broken. The only way to fix the truck is by collecting coins and tools. Get the job done and do not waste people’s lives!


alt text


Task 2 build


A and D

Software & version:

Unity 2019.1.0b3


Story: Sanya Raeva && Kristina Nunkova

3D Art: Nikoleta Zhecheva

Animation / Effects: Christina Dian && Tsvetelin Pantev

Game Development: Christina Dian && Tsvetelin Pantev

AI implementation: Tsvetelin Pantev and others

Audio: Dimitur Atanasov && Smilena Tocheva

AI notes:

The game uses fractal numerical sequence as means of procedurial generation of the gameplay.

Diversifiers used:

Stranger Things – Your game’s ambience is inspired by an 80s pop song

Fractalicious – Your game should predominantly feature the idea of patterns that repeat within themselves as you zoom in or expand the game world.