Gad Selection

By marchev, 2020-02-11

Short description:

We have to breed a specific kind of genetic alien devices (GAD) through the process of multi-stage directed selection. You have an objective feature state (color) which we want to be achieved in at least one of the GADs. Then we select those GADs whiose genes could be used to achieve a GAD closer to the objective in the next generation of GADs. The non-selected GADs are disposed and a new generation of GADs are breeded by mating the selected ones. Sometimes we will need to use the random mutation as a mean to move the selection in new direction.


alt text


Task 5 build


Mouse point and click.

Software & version:

Unity 2019.1.0b3


Story/Gameplay: Angel Marchev

2D Art: Mihaela Komitova

Animation / Effects: Anton Slavov

Game Development: Martin Doychev

AI implementation: Angel Marchev

Audio: Angel Marchev, Dimitar Atanassov

AI notes:

The game introduces the players to the evolutional algorithms. Playing as the de-facto-algorithm, they learn the most important phases of the one such algorithm – the multi-stage selection procedure.

Diversifiers used:

Responsible play – the game aims to solve a real-world (social or scientific) problem.

Night and Day – Integrate “night” and “day” modes that must be switched between as one of the game mechanics.

Stan Lee tribute – the game features comics-style art

Stranger Things – Your game’s ambience is inspired by an 80s pop song

Not the bees – The mechanic is based on swarm tactics.

Game Legacy – Each playthrough of the game affects the next.